Homestay Helping Hand (HHH)


A decision has recently been made by the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) to temporarily suspend both the Community Placement Network (CPN) and the Homestay Helping Hand (HHH) programs, due to the ongoing instability of the programs based on current policies which make it unviable for the Australian Homestay Network and their Hosts to participate.

We are very pleased that our CPN and HHH programs have been acknowledged by all levels of government in Australia as an effective and efficient model for settling new Australians into our country on a pathway to be able to immediately contribute to society.

We believe the success of these programs has proven the model for asylum seeker settlement and AHN will be ready to start these valuable programs back up when the political situation in Australia allows.

AHN would like to express our deepest thanks to the hundreds of the Australian families who opened their homes and hearts to the more than 550 asylum seekers from countries in crisis around the world.

While we would love to continue accepting applications in the event that the program recommences (we received over 4000 host applications). AHN is not able to further commit resources to processing host applications unless we have guaranteed placements for our Hosts.

The large number of people who showed their willingness to host and welcome Asylum Seekers into their homes has again shown the world what it means to be Australian.

Thank you Australian Hosts.

David Bycroft,
Executive Chairman



“One of my friends who has been with me for 10 weeks is about to take his first Job in Australia. When he arrived from detention 10 weeks ago he was the quiet 1 who didn’t speak much English. Thanks to AHN staff he has been attending English lessons & has become much more confident when he speaks. This weekend I will drive him 4hrs north of the Gold Coast where he will start work on Monday. It is a big step, but I believe the CPN program has allowed him to settle in & become adjusted to our cultures & lifestyle.
We will miss him very much but are excited to let him loose into his next step in his big adventure.”

– Host from Gold Coast

“Sadly my six weeks is up, but gladly I report that both boys have not only found accommodation, but are avidly seeking courses and employment. One of my boys is exceptional, he helped my husband build our garage, great in the kitchen and a lovely personality, and the other seeking his own employment with others, so I am pleased they are flying the nest and of course, keeping in touch with us.
They both regard this house and us as their own family and home and that is so special. I hope my family starts to grow and maybe we will have a reunion party for all that have lived here.”

– Host from Adelaide

“I would like to express to AHN what a wonderful experience it has been so far with our placements from Afghanistan. Both boys are so friendly & polite it is a pleasure to have them around us. I think the first week is the most important to have all the information possible & get the placements settled into their new environment & to feel welcomed.
I have really enjoyed helping them with some English & have heard stories of their journey all the way from their homeland over land & sea risking their lives for a better one. I know that my family enjoy the different culture & the unfamiliar smells of their food will give us all memories that will last a very long time. It’s a pleasure!”

– Host from Gold Coast


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If you have further questions, comments, or would like more information on the status of AHN’s Community Placement Network or Homestay Helping Hand programs please contact us.


Thanks for your feedback!

Some of the many positive emails we have received:

“Really disappointing to read your email. We intended to participate in the program when our situation allowed. Congratulations on the work you have all done.”

“I am so sorry that this programme is to be suspended although I understand completely the reasons. I wish to thank you for the programme as from personal experience; I have seen how at first hand this programme can be such a marvellous system for asylum seekers.

One year ago through AHN I hosted a Sri Lankan man who stayed with me for a month. Within a week he had a job with the assistance of my family, he has learned to speak English, has managed remarkably well in all aspects of his life and is immensely grateful for the introduction to Australia through AHN and private homestay. As I was away from Australia for a month he moved to Elwood with another host family where he is settled and happy.”

“Disappointed David. You and AHN did your best, well done! Next election afterwards perhaps.”

“Thanks for the update. I think these programs are fabulous and great credits to AHN particularly, as you’ve had to ride the waves of the political parties. I hope they are able to start up again in the near future. All the best.”